Riana Group Overview

Founded by Romy Hawatt, headquartered in Dubai and uniquely positioned to take advantage of an expanding array of investment opportunities across the globe, the Riana Group has prided itself as having had historic and current investments and activities in Aviation (Pilot Training Academies, Aircraft Maintenance, Sales and Scenic & Charter), Real Estate Investment and Property Development, Yacht Charter, Destination Management & Tourism, Food & Beverage and Philanthropy.



Riana Group is committed to continuing to develop its diverse portfolio of profitable business interests whilst maintaining its ethos around good corporate citizenship, global sustainability, actively ploughing something back into the community and environment and achieving our vision with integrity, vigour, positive energy and drive.



  • To be the very best in meeting our clients, community and stakeholders expectations as we work toward delivering growth & development targets & financial goals.
  • To progress, develop, improve and grow daily whilst consistently delivering value & benefits via qualitative & quantitative innovation to our clients, stakeholders, community and environment.
  • To surpass customer expectations through innovation, quality, value and service
  • To build, promote and expand on management and employee talent, initiatives, leadership qualities and skills.
  • To always respect and work to maintain a safe, clean and healthy social and physical environment.
  • To command the admiration and respect of the industries and charities we invest in by over-performing in achieving beneficial goals and outcomes.

Riana Group is a highly-diversified group of companies with activities spanning Aviation Training, Scenic & Charters, Tourism, Restaurants, Property and Philanthropy

We invest the money we raise to build sustainable, community-owned projects around the world.

Romy Hawatt
Chief Executive Officer, Riana Group