Corporate Social Responsibility

As a leading privately owned, multinational investment group the Riana Group of companies has been witness and constantly reminded of the issues, problems and increasing challenges facing humanity and the natural world at multiple levels.

With a rapidly increasing consciousness & awareness we see we have had and will continue to have an important role in influencing the thinking of the staff & management of our various investments to become conscientious global citizens.

The categories of challenges the world faces are clearly articulated in the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG’s) and as a whole we understand and will engage at individual and corporate levels to make a meaningful positive impact wherever and whenever possible.

The Riana Group recognise that it is incumbent upon us all to accept part of the responsibility and become pro-active in helping to create solutions in as many ways as we can.

Our Charitable activities are more spontaneous in nature and aimed at providing an immediate response to situations that may require urgent support including rescue and relief whereas our Philanthropic activities are about taking a longer term strategic approach in creating or engaging in the development of solutions around some of the more pressing issues and challenges both at a micro and macro level.

For us, time is of the essence and we feel the imperative to act now for the benefit of our children, our global communities, our students, our staff & management and the natural world (with all it’s plants and animals) for now and for future generations.

Romy Hawatt

Founder & CEO

Riana Group


Our Mantra

Change the world with our hands          by taking positive, affirmative and practical action

Change the world with our voice           by speaking out against what we see or know is wrong

Change the world with our hearts         and let our hearts spur our hands and words into action