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Romy Hawatt

Founder & CEO

Romy Hawatt is a leading entrepreneur best known for cultivating innovation and transforming start-up and fledgling businesses into successful multi-million dollar commercial projects. He is also active in philanthropy and continues to develop and support various water, education, orphanage and other projects in the Middle east and Africa.

Driven by a passion to seed and develop unique business models and with a diverse global portfolio of experience that includes trade, consultancy, property and education. Romy Hawatt’s corporate passions, professional history and interests are broad & diverse with a plethora of successful ventures associated and credited to him.

Romy Hawatt has maintained a substantial focus on education & training as being the substantive pathway to poverty alleviation and self determination on both the micro and macro levels and has a strong interest in supporting youth and further education generally.

Recognized and respected globally for his managerial and negotiating skills, Hawatt has been hugely successful in the world of business development.

Romy Hawatt is credited with a major role the development the world’s largest creative / digital media educator, SAE Institute which was sold in 2011 to Navitas and offers programs to more than 12,000 students in across more than 25 countries.

He is also an experienced helicopter pilot and has taken his passion for flying to new heights building and leveraging his industry experience & profile in developing a new and unique aviation education model as the Founder and CEO of Airways Aviation,

Romy Hawatt is one of the aviation training industry’s increasingly recognised players, offering accredited aeroplane programs (Ab initio through to ATPL) from well resourced and equipped facilities, located across four continents, to meet the exponential increase in the international demand for pilots.

Romy Hawatt has resided in the UAE since 2004 and manages his global group of companies and general business and charity interests in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East from his Headquarters in Dubai.