Widows Village in Tripoli

Without any financial security or welfare infrastructure, the widows that live in the Khankeh compound (Tripoli – Lebanon), struggle to survive in cramped squalid mold infested rooms.  In the compound, there are 22 cave like rooms with no windows, running water or lavatories, occupying as many as 10 people in each room.  With no family to fall back on, the women, mostly elderly and in dire need of medical attention, live off charity.  Children of all ages can be found living with their widowed mothers or grandmothers in the compound.

A charity initiated by Riana Group is aimed to provide the people living in the compound with basic needs such as food, clothing, healthcare and education for the children. Future Riana charity plans is to continue providing the basic needs for the occupants and eventually re-house them in suitable accommodations.

Hankeh Gallery